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A fun, modern and unique approach to School Photography.

Our Approach 

Our approach to school photos is modern and relaxed. We have been contacted by many schools, who are wanting to shift from the past school photo template to the more natural way of capturing children.

Our preference is to photograph children's portraits in a natural environment utilizing the school grounds and garden spaces. 

We capture the students' personalities and natural smiles and provide images you can't wait to share!

We will spend time with each child, bringing out their individual personality and capturing their natural smile at the right time. 


Who we are 

Sabrina Rubini Photography has been around for 25 years. We are a small business, specialising in school, individual and group photography. 


Sabrina personally captures the individual images, whilst our second professional photographer, shoots the class photos. We have an assistant on site for the photo days who runs the administration side, which keeps us to schedule.  

With only 3 of us, we are all hands on, all of us have the common goal of producing beautiful photos that will be treasured. 

We look at our work from the parents' point of view,  and if they wouldn’t be completely happy with the image, then we shoot until it’s right. 


As a small business we can be flexible with dates, we shoot over a few days (dependant on student numbers) and we will fit around your scheduled school activities. 

Communication and queries are personally answered by Sabrina in a quick and efficient manner. We like to work as a team with the schools appointed representative to ensure smooth processing, from initial contact all the way to delivery of printed images. 

How we work 


Sabrina Rubini Photography aims to make photo day as easy as possible for both the school and parents. We provide a number of photo packages to suit any budget, along-side sibling packages and digital image options. We have an online pre-paid order form. No money needs to be collected via the school.  


Links to the online order form will be provided a month out from school photo dates, along with posters/reminders, 4 weeks prior to photo day. This way parents have plenty of time to organize their order and payment. One less stress for your office staff. 


Parents are asked to follow the online link, simply fill in the order form for their children, enter your child's details and a student ID, select the package that suits, and pre-pay via credit card/EFTPOS or PAYPAL. After this, leave the rest to us. Photos will be delivered to the school in the class groups once the job is complete. (please allow 6-10weeks turnaround).


As an added bonus to the school, we shoot every single child, even if they have not ordered prints. We will provide a digital image of each student for you to upload to your Compass/Konnective or any online student record system.




Hello Sabrina, I am the parent of two kids who go to Footscray Primary School. Thanks for the great school photos - the kids all look really good this year.



Thank you for dropping the photos off they are AMAZING. 😊

We have already started receiving emails and praise from families who have seen their digit copies.

We are so glad we had you come and take our photos 😊



The difference between this year’s photos and last year’s photos is like night and day. You’ve captured who he is beautifully, and have clearly put as much time and effort into making him feel relaxed and comfortable as you have into composing a pleasing picture. Thank you again!

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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